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Title: An Introduction the Trauma-Smart Resilience Building, Nottingham, November 2016.

Subtitle: Using boby-based mindfulness practices to build your own capacity and help you help others.

Info: A joint venture between Street Yoga and Each Amazing Breath

These practices build on already existing strengths, and work with abilities and capacities people already have and help sustain self mastery - they are available to nearly everyone. Capacity and resilience-building serve as the signposts for steady progress. This workship will focus on those who work with (or have themselves experienced) significantly difficult life challenges and circumstance.

Who is this for:

  • frontline social service providers
  • public health officers
  • yoga teachers, holistic therapists
  • counselors
  • nurses, therapists, healthcare staff
  • administrators of priority clients/communities
  • schoolteachers

This workshop is open to anyone with a background in breathing, social work, teaching, parenting, attending school, who is interested in developing skills to help increase one's own capacity for wellbeing, while reducing stress and distraction, and learning how to share that with others. It is for use in schools, at home and at work in diverse ways.

What we'll cover:

  • a trauma-smart approach to building resilience
  • simple practices to build capacity every day
  • tools to share these practices safely with others of any age
  • an understanding of core needs
  • a focus on folks in under-resourced or challenging circumstance
  • fundamentals of growing and sustaining programmes in this field
  • special needs, based on developmental stages, age, state of wellbeing...
  • core demographic needs assessment
  • opportunities to work through true-to-life scenarios
  • an introduction to the Take Five toolkit

In short we help awaken inner resources to help people better meet their own needs.

Contextual Learning:

Material will be presented from case study, hands on practice, and will be grounded in real-world contexts—including classrooms, hospitals, workplaces, homes, treatment or detention facilities, community centers, neighbourhoods, offices and more.

History of this training:

Material from this training has been taught in various forms since 2010, in Belfast, Worksop, Chicago in the US and Toronto in Canada. It has been developed for over eleven years to remain useful, rigorous and current. People are bringing many of the practices offered in this training to life to thousands of people across the globe. The work is intentionally as universal as possible, but it asks each of us to show up. We have found that this is step worth taking.

Collaborating Organisations: Each Amazing Breath, Street Yoga and others.


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