Take Five in Schools

For every school
Worksop, Notthinghamshire

Take Five at School

Thanks to a number of proactive primary and secondary schools in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, we have had the opportunity to pilot Take Five in a variety of school settings (funded by the Home Office Innovation Fund). The pilots have allowed us to explore how to practically, and safely, scale the practices so that all children in a school can all, benefit from a daily practices delivered by their own teacher, or by one of their peers.

Based on the learning from these pilots we have developed the following three ripple approach to a whole school, or partial school, delivery to a point where a school can self-sustain Take Five with minimal support.


Introduction to Take Five at School

The Foundations of Safely applying practices

Some context of how these practices counter trauma and build resilience

Practical experience of a number of practices

Needs assessment

Matching practices to need and building a school menu plan

Materials and resources

Practical experience of the practices on the menu

Piloting and evaluation

Mentoring programme for roll out

Online support – Mindful Brilliance