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For the past fifteen years Helen has been the CEO of a number of not for profit organisations dedicated to building stronger, more caring and resilient communities in the east midlands.

She is passionate about the potential of people, and communities, to live in harmony and lead positive change for themselves and others.

Helen Whitney
Executive Director
Mark Alan Lilly


Mark has been exploring the intersection of resilience, breath, and everyday presence for most of his adult life, much of it as a father, much of is as someone who has survived, with gratitude.

Mark founded Street Yoga in 2002, and has co-created an international community through the Yoga Service Council, dedicated to serving people all over the globe with empowering, life-saving skills.

Mark Alan Lilly
Training Director


Each Amazing Breath was founded to help each person realize themselves as fully as possible.

"Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler."
–Albert Einstein