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Each Amazing Breath

Each Amazing Breath CIC is a not for profit organisation based in Nottinghamshire in the UK.

Founded by Mark Lilly and Helen Whitney, we specialise in the delivery of cost effective, safe, universal as well as targeted, resilience and capacity building for schools, families, workplaces and communities, so that everyone, including people with significant challenges, can grow in presence and self-mastery.

Through ripple learning and tailored support and resources we address specific needs and empower people, and organisations, to safety bring alive daily practices that enhance well-being, self-care and control and personal performance.

What people say?

When I have been stressed, I would have lost control of myself, I would like, gone on my phone or like started shouting at people, but I wouldn’t be able to control myself………..
…..you got to try to feel like your feet pressing into the ground and just try and relax and you could feel that everything, you just took everything away from you, you were calm and everything, and that seemed to have worked.

Tom, age 12

What people say?

It certainly helped to change the way I think. I feel more in control of my thoughts and am now equipped with practical strategies I can use to help me manage stress.


What people say?

Sometimes when I am doing the pots, quite a lot, or when I am just basically doing something when the kids aren’t around me, and I really physically think about my breathing, cos until I started that course I had really really shallow breaths and now I have quite big breaths sometimes. It just helps me with stress, it does help me a lot.
Just by using a few little techniques can help people physically and mentally look after themselves

Nicola – mum to children ages 7, 3 and 1

Our Universal Services

Take Five are the Universal Services, practices and techniques that have proven successful at building resilience, resourcefulness and greater capacity in young people and adults alike. Take Five also serves to prevent destructive behaviour and poor decision-making at all stages of life.

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Special thanks to Daniel Waples for the stellar soundtrack music, and to Jes Hill for the amazing video production.

Take Five at School is a safe, universal, resilience and capacity building skill set tailored to each school’s needs and focused on breathing, grounding and awareness.

- view Impact Summary, Worksop Priory School click here.
- view Impact Summary, Worksop Sparken Hill click here.

Example Statistics

  • 77% of students reported an increase in concentration levels
  • 61% of students reported an increase in ability to cope with unexpected change
  • 74% of students reported an increase in calmness
Click here for more information on how we work with primary and secondary schools.

A number of employers are starting to explore Take Five at Work with us to enhance self-care, wellbeing of their staff and absenteeism/performance at work.

Advantages of the Take Five approach in these settings include; the appeal of the practices to people, as well as the small amount of work time they take to implement.
If you are interested in more information about Take Five at Work please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

We have developed a variety of models and approaches that relate to Take Five in the Community.

These include; working with Nottinghamshire County Council’s Targeted Support Services who support families in a range of community settings including; at home, at school, and in transition between home and school.
We are also working with Community Safety team’s and Third sector organisations on a range of approaches that can be integrated into community capacity building/confidence building initiatives.
If you are interested in more information about Take Five in the Community please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Many people have shared with us how they are regularly using the Take Five practices in their homes, once they have learnt them in school, work or community settings.

They have shared how they self-develop tailored times and practices that suit their specific needs, and yet fit around family life.



They have also shared some very positive impacts on themselves and their families, such as increased harmony in the home, more laughter or being more present for the children.

Whilst this is wonderful, and encouraged, our ‘Take Five at Home’ programmes offer a more deliberate development of Take Five in Home settings and provide a practical opportunity for people who do not have a school or workplace where ‘Take Five’ is happening. For example; we train professionals who work with individuals and families in their homes, to manage stress, family transitions and persistent demands imposed by poverty and interrupted educational attainment.

Our Targeted Services

Each Amazing Breath's Targeted Services are designed to help victims and perpetrators—and their families— deal with the ravages of significant violence and trauma. The programmes on the one hand teach skills to help people recover from the fallout from sexual violence, trafficking, abuse, domestic violence, and on the other hand give behaviour management and self-awareness tools so that abusers, and those at risk of abusing, can change the way the deal with stress, anger and other triggers.

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For anyone who has borne the burden of significant trauma, healing, rebuilding and returning to strength are key steps and milestones on the way to feeling complete and whole again.

Each Amazing Breath's I Am Returning to Strength programmes are derived from years of front-line experience and peer-reviewed delivery, and tailored to help those overcoming the post-traumatic devastation of domestic and sexual violence, trafficking, assault, severe bullying, street crime, hate crime, abuse and neglect.
These services provide end to end support for staff and participants, by way of co-creating, with each interested group, a set of body-based practices, patterns and showcasing aims that meet core, underlying needs.

The practices are safe for any population, no matter what stage of recovery and healing is present.

People who offend against others, and/or perpetrate crime and violence, are best addressed as pro-actively and thoughtfully as possible.

I Am Finding Safety practices begin by fostering a strong container for self-reflection to occur, so participants can begin addressing the problems they have caused. In this model, Safety is seen as a valued resource to be cultivated and grown.

People involved in these programs are held accountable for their actions, and are given tools to more deeply accept responsibility for their actions.
At the same time, participants learn to control not only their behaviour, but the way they react to life—stressing an adaptable responsiveness to situations rather than a fitful acting out, all absolutely without violence.

For those who have moved through the Strength or, potentially the Safety programmes, an optional module in Self-Leadership is made available, to promote proactive, positive forward progress in people's lives.

From a more solid base, people now explore ways they can show up to create positive change in their families and neighbourhoods.
Skills are tailored, but include communication and speaking skills, the practices of holding safe space, building collaboration, as well as practice in debriefing and creative expression.
Participants are encouraged to engender and lead practices for people in their own community, and to rebuild trust while strengthening positive ties throughout.


Neither Take Five, nor Each Amazing Breath would have come to life without the talented and kindly support of innumerable people and organisations.
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